Promise me, you’ll just do it

It’s been over ten months since my baby #2, Estella, was born. She is the sweetest little girl.

Picture by @megsmoir_photography

I haven’t been posting on my blog and that made me feel so guilty. The guilt became so big that I stopped thinking about making time to post on my blog. Whenever I had an idea for a post again, I was always busy doing something, and the idea would be gone by the time I got the chance to breath.

Right now, I am breastfeeding and its early in the morning. But you know what? I decided, stop postponing because you need to make that “perfect looking” post.

Perfect is the enemy of done. Especially when you are a mom. Sure, being a mom is hard and busy, but we can all find 5 minutes here and there. So why can’t I just quickly write up my thoughts on my phone and make it into a post? Because what I want to achieve is connection. I want to share my experiences, fears, insecurities, and ideas with you.

I don’t know everything and maybe that’s it, I haven’t been writing consistently because I suffer from impostor syndrome. I think I need to be bringing up solutions to my readers and show that I know what I’m doing. But I really don’t, who does, anyways, when it comes to parenting and life?

I’ve decided now, I’ll stop hiding behind my busy-ness and just show up. I hope you do that, too.

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